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AP (Thailand)

Posted by admin on April 24, 2014

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AP (Thailand)

Thailand-based company engaged in the property development business

AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited was established in 1991 to develop residential projects in Bangkok Metropolitan Area (BMA) by Mr. Anuphong Assavabhokhin and Mr. Pichet Vipavasuphakorn as major shareholders. In 2000, the company did a backdoor listing thru PCM Public Company Limited (PCM), a listed company in the Stock Exchange of Thailand since 18 January 1994, and changed its name to “Asian Property Development Public Company Limited (AP)”. Prior to the merger, PCM, a precast concrete floor manufacturer, was mainly owned by Land and Houses Plc. (LH).

Since the merger between Asian Property and PCM on 23 November 2000, Asian Property Development set a new company, called PCM Construction Material Company Limited (PCMC), 100% owned, manufacturing precast concrete floors.

In early 2004, AP sold all shares in PCMC to Pre-built Plc., a contractor company and increased its shares in Pre-built Plc. from 19.8% to 64.73%. In 2005, AP adjusted its structure to focus particularly on property development by reducing its shares in Pre-Built from 64.73% to 43.82%, 24.02% and, as of 30 June 2010, 19.96%. On 23 February 2010, AP sold its entire shares in Quality Construction Products Plc. to SCG Building Materials Co., Ltd. Consequently, AP no longer holds a share in Quality Construction Product Plc.

Presently, AP’s registered capital is 2,859 million baht. The core business is to develop property projects, i.e. townhouses, single-detached houses and condominiums. The company product brands include Baan Klang Krung, Baan Klang Muang, Biztown, The City, The Centro, THE ADDRESS, RHYTHM, and Life with the price range of approximately Baht 2.6-12 million. In year 2010, AP has launched new brands which include The Palazzo, a single-detached house project offering units in the range of Baht 10-20 million, The Pleno, a townhouse project offering units in the range of Baht 2 million and Aspire, a condominium projects offering units in the range of Baht 1.4-2.5 million.

In year 2012, AP has launched a new single-detached house project, SOUL, whose unit price ranges between Baht 18-25 million. Moreover, we also serve a super luxurious condominium in a heart of Sukhumvit area called, Galerie rue de 39 which limits to only 88 units starting from Baht 30 million.

On May 10, 2013, the Company has changed its name from “Asian Property Development Public Company Limtied” to “AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited”

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