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LPN Development

Posted by admin on April 24, 2014


LPN Development

A leader of condominium business and property for sales of Thailand

L.P.N. Development Public Company limited and its affiliated companies carry on the business of real estate development aiming to sell and rent the developed projects, as offices and residential condominiums located in the Central Business District (CBD) of Bangkok and neighbouring provinces. These offices and residential condominiums initially developed are dominated by high-rise and huge buildings.

L.P.N. Development Public Company Limited is Thailand-based company engaged in the real estate development business. The Company’s core businesses include lease and sell of office buildings and residential buildings in the central business district (CBD) of Bangkok Metropolis. It develops its property under the names of Lumpini Suite, Lumpini Place, Lumpini Ville, Lumpini Center and Lumpini Condo Town. As of January 2008, the Company incorporated a new subsidiary under the name of Lumpini Project Management Services Company Limited. In 2008, the Company acquired two lands for the development of Lumpini Rama VIII Project and Lumpini Ville Bangkhae.


condominium business, property for sales, develops residential condominiums, provide serviced apartment and condominium for rent, precious suitable for modern-metropolitan

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