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Petch Property Development

Posted by admin on April 24, 2014

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Petch Property Development

Unparalleled Lifestyle

The Developer Mr. Itthi Chavalittamrong is the CEO and the owner ofPetch Property Development Co., Ltd. The head office is located in Bangkok, whereby the sales office of the The COVE condominium is located on North Pattaya Road in Pattaya City.

Back in the 1940’s s land grants awarded to influential people, the idea was to have the land developed in forms of worthwhile projects by people had visions and , knew these regions well. In 1940 through to 1950, Mr. Itthi’s grandfather Mr. Prinya and his wife Lady Boonsiri Chavalittamrong were important government officials and during that time Mr. Prinya was appointed as the Governor of Chonburi Province. Their son, Mr. Itthi’s father, Professor Dr. Burana Chavalittamrong, continued to carry on the family tradition of land investment and further developed the family land bank by establishing “Wealthy Land Company”. After his retirement, he still maintains interest in real estate by purchasing and refurbishing properties before re-sale.

The Chavalittamrong family owns land and real estate in Bangkok, Hua Hin and in Pattaya. With over 1,000 Rais (1 Rai is equal to 1,600 sqm) in the family’sir possession, many of the city’s well-known hotels and prestigious business estalishments are situated on their land on very long term rentals.

Mr. Itthi Chavalittamrong attended the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, where he gained a Bachelors Degree in Law, and then after for postgraduate degree, a Master of Science in Management from University of Surrey, UK. After the Asian Meltdown financial crisis, he spent several years with the Kasikorn Bank in Bangkok, handling difficult portfolio of ‘Debt restructuring. Mr. Itthi’s dream was to develop some of the family land in Pattaya on his own, and with such a huge bank of land, the time had recently come to make the bold move into the property development business. It was a matter of deciding what to build and where to start construction, and the large family allotment of land in North Pattaya, particularly on Wong Amat Beach, was the ideal spot for the The COVE condominium to become reality.

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