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Pruksa Real Estate

Posted by admin on April 24, 2014

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Pruksa Real Estate

One of top tenth leading property developers in Asia

Pruksa Real Estate Plc. was founded by Mr.Thongma Vijitpongpun on April 20, 1993 with the initial registered capital of Baht 50 million. It concentrates on developing projects for townhouses, single-detached houses and condominiums. Mr. Vijitpongpun, the founder, had brought his experience and expertise in construction from government and private projects into the business of the Company.

Such factor together with professional management team, outsourcing consultants for continuous development of entire corporate operation process, as well as implementation and of appropriate business strategy resulted in The Company’s positive bottom lines throughout the past 16 years of operation even during the economic downturn.

The Company’s products comprises of townhouses, single-detached houses and condominiums, focusing on Bangkok Metropolis and its suburbs in areas with high growth potential : . It has developed townhouses under the brands “Baan Pruksa”, “Pruksa Ville” and “The Connect” focusing on low-to-middle income bracket market. Moreover, it produces, single-detached houses under the brand “Pruksa Village”, “Passorn” and “The Plant” for middle-to-high income bracket market. Lastly, the Company builds , and condominiumprojects ares under the brands “Ivy Condominium”, “The Seed Condominium” and “City Ville Condominium”.

Unlike most other real estate developers who generally hire contactors to handle construction work for the entire project, the Company is a real estate developer that adopts modern construction technologies from foreign countries to construct housing units and manages the construction of projects itself. In operating a project, the Company will set up project specifications and detailed design. With respect to construction, the Company manages its own construction by dividing work into parts and hiring contractors to perform specific tasks such as constructing foundation, concrete work, building installation, tiling and roofing, whereas raw materials are bought in bulk by the Procurement Department. Engineers and foremen will oversee the construction work to ensure it is in compliance with the standards and specifications. With in-house construction management and adoption of such technologies, it can effectively control the quality, manage construction time and cost. As such, the Company becomes a low cost leader among real estate developers.

As approved from its Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on April 22, 2005, the Company then increased its registered capital by issuing 532.5 million new shares with par value of Baht 1. On April 27, 2005, the Company converted itself into a public company. Later on December 6, 2005, it started trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the ticker “PS”.

As at 30 December 2010, the Company has the registered capital of 2,228,812,000 million Baht (2,228,812,000 common stocks at 1 Baht par) with the paid up capital of 2,206,812,000 million Baht.

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