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Q House

Posted by admin on April 24, 2014


Q House

No stranger to developing housing in Thailand

Quality Houses Public Company Limited was incorporated with an initial registered capital of Baht 1 million on21 October 1983, its primary objective was to build houses on land for customers in a complete service undercontract work scheme. In 1990, the Company began to carry out the business of serviced apartments and officebuildings for rent. The Company also began to engage in the business of land and houses for sale in June 1992.

List of the top 10 shareholders at the closing date of Shareholder Registration on May 10, 2010:

1.Land and Houses Plc.
2.Government of Singapore Investment Corp Pte Ltd.
3.Thai NVDR Co., Ltd.
4.SCB Open-end Mutual Fund
5.HSBC Group
6.Bangkok Bank Plc.
7.American International Assurance Co., Ltd
9.K Open-end Mutual Fund

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