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Strong Interest From Overseas Property Buyers

Posted by admin on May 11, 2015

According to property searches on most popular European international property websites, Thailand has regained its fourth position among the list of most searched countries worldwide with a 4.61% market share in April 2015.

Dan Johnson, Director of TheMoveChannel, one of the top overseas property search portals, said: “After an unstable 2014 investors are returning to Thailand. Despite its economic struggles, the country still offers strong rental yields which consistently draw overseas interest.

Dan added: “Many countries enter the top five destinations for a short period, but April marked the second month in a row that Thailand had present in the top flight, and the third time in the past six months.”

In fact, the political turmoil from 2014 is long gone as stability has returned to the Kingdom. Although some economic concerns remain, the growth is present and in terms of pure property, rental returns and capital appreciation show some truly attractive figures. Investors who purchased properties in the Kingdom 6-7 years ago are most probably enjoying a 40%+ capital appreciation as of now and regarding rental returns, they have constantly been rising each year.

Moreover, the country is developing a lot of new infrastructure including the extension of the mass transit system, high-speed train commuting Bangkok to the Eastern seaboard, etc. Numerous Thai property projects are continuously being advertised in foreign countries like Hong Kong or Singapore, and some of them even make ‘International Official Launches’ in which huge marketing is put in place by the developer.

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