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Thailand’s Economy Keeps On Recovering

Posted by admin on October 28, 2014

According to the Thailand’s National News Bureau and to the company’s Chief Marketing Officer Vittakarn Chandavimol, the economy of the Kingdom keeps on recovering quickly as a result of several measures taken by the current government so far.


The Real Estate market has especially taken advantage of that recovery since the Army took control of the country in May 2014. Indeed, most newly launched condominiums alongside the BTS stations are sold out in a few hours only and demand sometimes exceeds twice or more the number of units available for sale.


Moreover, the government confirmed plans of extension of the mass transit network into suburban areas, which substantially enhanced the number of projects launched and severely boosted up the demand for condos in those areas, as prices remain lower than in the CBD. Also, Vittakarn added that demand for condos for sale in the CBD is still strong since mature property buyers are willing to pay more to be able to live in such prime location. Younger clientele is mainly looking for condominiums alongside the MRT or BTS but further away from city center.


With land prices that continue to rise, condominiums’ appreciation will keep on increasing as well: a solid investment perspective for property buyers in the Kingdom!

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