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Property for Rent in Bangkok

If you are searching for a place to live while staying in Bangkok then you have certainly found the right company to assist you. At BTS Property Group, we have a wealth of both local industry knowledge and experience to help you make the right decisions to find the perfect property to suit both your budget and living needs. Within this section of the website you will find one of the most comprehensive listings of condos and apartments in Bangkok.


Our experienced team has spent many hours researching the local real estate and negotiating the best prices for our clients, and if you ever need any help on all local matters our team is always available and happy to offer you ongoing support and advice. Rest assured that you will be professionally supported with all your needs related to finding and renting the best properties around during your stay in Bangkok, Thailand.


Welcome to Krung Thep Maha Nakhon – Bangkok!

With a vast size of roughly 1,600 square kilometres and an estimated population of well over 8 million inhabits (as of 2014), relocating and navigating Bangkok can be quite overwhelming. Due to this, our goal is to ensure we provide the best services possible to accommodate anyone moving in from other cities or countries. Our company focus emphasizes on making sure our staff assists you by offering little gems of information on each location within Bangkok, tailored specifically for your requirements so that you are close to the amenities and city locations that ensures the optimum comfort and ease for daily living. In such an expansive city, there is a condominium to suit anyone across all budgets. The age old adage ‘bang for your buck’ certainly holds true in Bangkok, especially if you choose to live on the outskirts of the city where there are plenty of generously sized properties available for a relatively small monthly rent.


Ease of travel and navigation counts amongst some of the lifestyle advantages available in Bangkok. Although like all major metropolis that do experience quite substantial road traffic during rush hours, the taxi rates charged in this city are very cheap. Additionally, if you travel through the city during off peak hours you will discover that you can actually reach your destination quite quickly; it takes approximately 40 mins to get across the entire city in either direction if there is no traffic. Aside from motorbike and car taxis, Bangkok’s populace also enjoys use of the BTS Sky Train and MRT Underground trains in addition to the overland trains that run through Bangkok, so even during peak traffic hours you can travel anywhere and everywhere in the capital city with ease and efficiency.


Property for Sale in Bangkok

Here on our website you will find one of the most comprehensive lists of stunning properties in the vibrant and buzzing city of Bangkok. All the properties listed in this section are available for purchase, where a well maintained relationship nurtured between our company and the listed property owners and companies ensures that any business transactions conducted on your behalf will be processed in the most streamlined and pleasant manner.


With an abundance of industry experience and local market knowledge, our team is able to offer a professional service to negotiate the best prices for our clients – by utilizing our experience and intimate knowledge of the market, our company goal is to offer exceptional savings to anyone seeking guidance and reliable support in their investment journey. The properties listed within this section are condominiums and apartments that our team has specifically selected and put together, to ensure that we only present the best properties from the most reputable developers in Bangkok. The property sales prices detailed on this site are not fixed and should be used as a guide.


A user friendly search plugin is available to assist you in finding the right property that best suits your individual needs and requirements. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly for more personalized and tailored support from one of our staff.


Why are you looking to invest in Bangkok?

BTS Property Group offers tailored services for interested parties of all backgrounds whom are looking to purchase property in Bangkok. By conducting constant analysis in South East Asia’s market with a particular focus on Bangkok, our company is able to offer up to date insight into Thailand’s real estate and suggest well researched advice to prospective clients.


Our clientele range from expats relocating for work purposes, individuals charmed by the lifestyle and culture of the city looking to purchase a holiday condominium, and of course, the opportunistic overseas investor looking for a strategic property purchase in Bangkok’s booming real estate market in the city CBD. This does not mean we only service the savvy investor, one of BTS’ main specialty is to engage and advise new or first time investors whom are looking to climb the property ladder and build wealth, but are not particularly confident or experienced in investing into the real estate market. Some of the main investment strategies employed by our company includes swift purchase and resale of units known as ‘flipping’, as well as longer term buy to rent investments that yield annual rental returns.


With some strategically purchased investments in the right areas, any interested party can also build their wealth to generate cash flow or enjoy a solid return on investment (RoI). Please feel free to contact our team for a consultation and advice that would best suit your budget and targeted expectations.


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