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Condos & Apartments for rent in Bangkok at great prices.

If you are searching for a place to live while staying in Bangkok then you are certainly in the right place – We at BTS Property Group have a wealth of both local and industry knowledge and experience to help us help you make the right decisions, and find the perfect property to suit both your budget and living needs. Within this section of the website you will find one of the most comprehensive listings of condos and apartments in Bangkok, our team has spent many hours researching the local market place and negotiating the best prices for our clients, so with our experiences we are able to pass on great savings to you and on-going of course, if you ever need any help or advice on all things local to you then we will again be happy to be of service! While you are staying in Thailand and Bangkok, we want you to know that we can professionally support you with all needs related to finding and renting the best properties around.

Bangkok, or in the Thai language – Krung Thep Maha Nakhon

Bangkok as a city can be a little overwhelming at times due to its vast size (roughly 1,600 square kilometers) and many inhabitants which in 2014 was estimated at well over 8 million and because of this we know it is important to be as helpful as we can to accommodate anyone moving in from other cities or countries and we make sure each and all of our staff can help you with little gems of information on each location within Bangkok so that you are close to the amenities and city locations that will help make your daily living more comfortable and easy. The website is also fitted with a user friendly search function to help you quickly find the right list of properties to be looking at and at the right prices, and what you will see is that we really do have a condo for anyone and pretty much any budget; you really can get a lot for your money here and if you choose to live on the outskirts of the city you get a load of space for a relatively small monthly spend. One of the great things about living in Bangkok is that it is very easy to get around and although there is a lot of road traffic you will find that taxis are very cheap and if going in the right direction at the right time (not during peak traffic hours) you can actually get everywhere for little to nothing and in little time; it probably takes about 40 mins to get across the entire city if there is no traffic. Other than the taxis you of course have the BTS Sky Train and the MRT Underground trains as well as the overland train running through Bangkok so even at peak traffic hours you can get anywhere and everywhere in the capital city very quickly.

Please take a look around our extensive list of condos and apartments available to rent in Bangkok by using the search function and be sure to get in contact should you have any questions.

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