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If you are searching for a new home in Bangkok then you are now in the right place – We at the BTS Property Group have spent lots of time and effort into manually putting together what we see as the best quality listing of Houses in the area at the most affordable prices. We will be providing each and every one of our clients with great local knowledge and applying our expertise to ensure that when you buy a property using our support; it will be a safe investment with very little risk involved. We know that it can be a bit frustrating and a daunting prospect to be buying property abroad and certainly in a place where you don’t speak or understand the language. Also in the past Thailand has been a bit of a complicated location to buy a House in, but due to relatively recent changes like the Condominium act of 1979 rules have become more relaxed and foreigners can now invest more easily with more confidence. But of course this Condominium act of 1979 does not apply to those of us who actually would like to own a House or Family home within the Kingdom of Thailand as the house is ‘grounded’ and so you would also be buying Thai Land – something a foreigner has not got the rights to do and so are not permitted ‘to own your own house’ in the traditional sense of the phrase. There are of course always exceptions to the rule and other ways to purchase your House and we will help manage this for you. One of these options would be to first of all start a company that you don’t fully own but have full control over, once this is set up the new house along with the adjoining land can be bought under the umbrella of your company – This work around is of course ‘safe’ and all can be explained in more detail when you get in touch. For more information regarding property ownership in Thailand, please click “here”.

Why is now the right time to Buy a house in Bangkok

Now is for sure the time, and we are confident to say probably the most opportune time to be investing in this land of smiles; 2015 is just around the corner which means the opening of the ASEAN economies with AEC which is expected to result in a boom in the Bangkok economy and this will only be driving the property prices up and up. Coinciding with this we also have the expansion of both the MRT & BTS train lines which is of course making more of the city accessible and at the same time again will be driving nearby property prices up. So if ever there was a time to buy a house in Bangkok, now is the time and we know of all the right spots to be making the most of your money if that is the reason you want to invest; to make a profit quickly. If you are just looking for that new house for your family, that is close to your new place of work then also we can find the perfect place for you.
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