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Thai Culture


Thailand has a rich legacy of cultural influence that has benefited from several very civilized and organized kingdoms dating back more than a thousand years. The strength and advanced development of Sukhothai in the fourteenth century and Ayuthaya during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century resulted in a flourishing of artistic expression, mostly inspired by Buddhism. Even during the current Rattanakosin era the country dominated this region of Southeast Asia late in the nineteenth century, but until recently Pattaya was no more than an insignificant fishing village that saw little cultural development. However, traditional Thai culture is popularly displayed in all tourist areas, where colourful costume, graceful dance, timeless mural art, distinctive traditional music and various handicraft specialities are widely found. Some hotels and restaurants put on cultural shows, others dress their staff appropriately and the impressive artistic expression in Thai architecture and finishing is ever present in lobbies, temple grounds, monuments and city landmarks, as well as everyday items.

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