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Na Jomtien

Located just south of Jomtien and Pattaya City, Na Jomtien offers a relaxing beachside setting just on the outskirts of the thriving holiday destination.

Na Jomtien is unlike any other beach in Pattaya as there are many properties directly on the seafront. Hotels, resorts, condominiums and beachfront residences line the shores here, and behind these establishments, small quaint side streets with shops, resorts, and more residential housing lead peacefully up to Sukhumvit Road.

The area is even quieter than Jomtien, and a world far removed from the bustling Pattaya City. Here, you’ll find a wide range of luxury condos and villas, as well a number of great apartments and houses. And property prices tend to be better value for money than Pattaya, especially when taking into consideration the close location next to the sea

Aside from the hotels and a Marina, Na Jomtien itself doesn’t boast any of Pattaya’s popular attractions, however the beach here is beautiful, the small sois are exceptionally pleasant and there are a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants and other conveniences located around the area.

The easygoing way of life in Na Jomtien is a big attraction for expats, and visitors who have their own transport as the bright lights of Pattaya and its infamous nightlife are good 15 min drive away.

With Pattaya developing more and more each year, so too do the neighboring districts, and Na Jomtien is no different. Between Sukhumvit and the ocean is a range of condominiums for rent and sale and with additional projects planned for the future, the area is set to grow even more.

Those looking for a house in Pattaya will also come across some fantastic options in Na Jomtien. The suburban settings are home to an abundance of luxury villas and detached homes, as well as more affordable residences.

Finding the Best Properties in Na Jomtien

If you’re thinking about investing in property in Pattaya, then the excellent value for money, peaceful settings and the beach of Na Jomtien could be the deciding factors for you.

We at BTS have a great database of properties in Na Jomtien, and are continually adding more on a weekly basis. So, please check out our fantastic listings today and if you don’t find anything that meets your requirements, remember to check back again in the near future.

All our properties are selected and screened by our expert team, so you can be confident that the details and photos in the listing represent the residence accurately.

With over 30 years experience in the real estate industry, and many years conducting business in Thailand, we have the skills, knowledge of the local market and the professionalism required to the job done.

The language barrier, and major cultural differences, can often make some transactions tedious, and costly. It’s not secret that locals, and those who speak the language can often get better deals, why is why its so important to seek the right assistance when searching for property in Thailand.

So whether you’d like to buy or rent a condo or house in Na Jomtien, or you’re looking for commercial property to set up your company, we at BTS Property can provide all the help you’re looking for.


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