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Houses to Rent in Bangkok | Rent a house in Bangkok

 Houses in Bangkok that are available to Rent with BTS Property Group.

Bangkok or as it is known by Thai’s: Krun Thep Maha Nahkon is a place of beauty and the same can be said for its many houses. Our team have been all around the city and compiled a fantastic list of available rental houses. You will find a great variety of styles and finishes to suit many budgets. You will also find some bare houses that can be furnished by yourself along with others that come fully furnished and ready to move into; so you have the option of creating a style of your own or choosing one of the modern or classically styled properties within our long list of available rental homes and houses. There are many reasons why people choose to move into this buzzing city and many of which will be related to work and family and if this is the case for you, we have the right knowledge and expertise to support you in making the right choices – We know each and every one of the areas within Bangkok very well and will work with you to find you a place in the area and location that best suits you – This may be somewhere close to great public transport or perhaps one the local international schools of which there are many and at a high standard.

Why rent a house in Bangkok instead of a condo?

If you are with a pet then choosing a house would probably be the best move for you and we can help you find an area that is pet friendly and a house with a large Garden. You may or may not already know but most condominiums you will find in the city will have certain rules and regulations that prevent you from owning and living with pets and this is the reason why many choose to rent a house in Bangkok instead. Also living in a condo is not really an ideal place for a dog or cat – they need to get outside and enjoy nature and so in these cases the house choice is ideal. Also with the house you of course get more privacy and this may be something you want as you grow into a family; some of the modern condos can be quite cramped and claustrophobic, especially when you have a full house and some screaming children. The houses for sure allow for you to be making more noise and again, you will have the garden to enjoy with our family and maybe the odd BBQ at times. We do have houses to cater for most budgets and you can get a lot for your money if you move to a location 20 or so minutes from one of the city centres so if you have a family and or a pet and would like somewhere bigger to rent out, then a house on the outskirts of Bangkok would be a good choice for you, and with the BTS and MRT lines being expanded, you will never be far away from good public transport and a way of getting into the centres and all the shops.
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