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BTS Property Group

BTS Property Group

BTS Property Group
is a real estate consultant firm established in Bangkok, Thailand. The owners of BTS Property Group have over three decades of experience in real estate and are excited to share their experiences as a service to those who have been interested in investing in the property market. Thanks to the company’s valuable experience, we have rapidly grown to become one of Thailand’s leading property agencies.

Sales Services

Regarding the purchase of properties here in Thailand, BTS Property Group provides each of its clients with in-depth insight about the market. We especially advise you on properties available in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket including Condominiums, Apartments, Houses, Townhouses, Commercial Estate as well as Lands. When you enquire on our website, our Sales Agents make sure they deeply understand your needs in order to offer you the properties fitting your criteria at best. Moreover, we assist you in the whole process of Buying including viewing, due diligence, and transfer of ownership at the Land Department.

To find a property for sale in Bangkok, please take a look at our Bangkok Buying guide or visit our Bangkok property page and fill in your criteria in the property search engine. Also, you may want to take a look at Property Ownership rules applying here in the Kingdom.

Rental Services

Although it may be for short-term, for instance one-year, renting a property in Bangkok or in any other city of Thailand remains a complicated process in which people need to consider relevant factors to effectively choose the right condominium or house to live in. BTS Property Group helps you assess all crucial elements in order to rent properties completely fulfilling your expectations.

To find a property for rent in Bangkok, please take a look at our Bangkok Rental guide or visit our Bangkok property page and fill in your criteria in the property search engine.


We have invested over multiple economic and property market cycles, through capital market downturn and improvement, consistently evolving and strengthening relationships with our clients.

Our services include helping investors purchase rental properties, either residential or multifamily for long term investing. We also help investors buy, fix and resell properties for short-term investing. We teach you how to build a real estate portfolio and develop a retirement plan.

Our People

We work with cross-functional teams and multilingual people who can effectively meet the needs of our customers. In fact, our people can speak English, Thai, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, German and Dutch allowing us to satisfy most enquiries from both local and international individuals.

Client Commitment

BTS Property Group is strongly committed to its clients, as we strongly believe our clientele remains our most valuable asset. Thus, we have implemented an internal policy named ‘The 8-hour Response Rule’ which ensures a member of our organization will be in touch with you within 8 hours maximum after you enquired on our website or any other means. We deeply understand customers’ requirements and are dedicated to provide them with best quality services.

Global Vision

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge and valuable experience in Real Estate, BTS Property Group has rapidly grown in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Yet our ambitions do not stop here and we plan to expand drastically in a both national and international level. Business Development is one of our priorities and we are currently setting up strategies to expand in cities like Koh Samui, Hua Hin or even Chiang Mai. Also, we have strong connections with property developers in Southeast Asia and are therefore planning to become more global by operating in other countries in the near future.

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