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Thong Lor

Thong Lor (also known as Thong Lo or Thonglor) runs from Sukhumvit Road, Soi 55, in the South to Petchaburi Road in the North and is located in the Watthana district of Bangkok. It is a very trendy, upscale area, centrally located, with its own BTS station and is definitely one of the most sought after areas to live in Bangkok.
Its popularity grows every year, and with it so does the choice of high-end, luxury apartments, condos, houses and other properties and developments to cater for the demand. This area is very popular with westerners and Japanese clientele, as well as well-off local Thai’s, but there is also more affordable accommodation for the growing Thai middle-class.
Well known condo’s in the Thonglor district includes; Quattro, Ivy Thonglor, Hampton Thonglor, The Clover Thonglor and Condo One Thong lor. If you want to rent or buy a property in Thong Lor, whether it is to live in or for a short or long-term investment, then it is important you speak with BTS Property Group so you have the best and most up-to-date knowledge on the area. We will be able to consult and advise on the most suitable real estate in the area for your requirements and find you your perfect match.

What you can expect if living in Thong Lor

As already mentioned, Thong Lor has quickly become established as one of the hippest, coolest and more upscale parts of city to live in; and for good reason! It is filled with an array of lively, trendy, fun and buzzing bars, clubs, and restaurants all vying for your custom. No expense or creative limitation has been spared when it comes to the design, décor, service or entertainment of some of these places in an attempt to create their own unique identity and to attract the wealthy affluent residents of this area through the doors. Whether it is sensory enthralling cocktails you are looking for or fine dining, live bands, hip DJ’s and clubs; Thonglor really has it all!
Especially when night falls, this chic, urban district really comes to life and is teeming with the ‘who’s who’ of the Bangkok socialite circles or anyone looking to have a good time with friends or to be entertained. If you are looking for a cheap night then maybe this won’t be the best place to venture for a night out as although you a guaranteed to be impressed and have a good time; the bills at most of these venues are, of course, are at the high end. Indeed you will often find famous Thai actors/actresses living and going out here and all sorts of fast and fabulous cars cruising down Thong Lor checking out the action on a Friday or Saturday night.
Thong lor really is a hub of cool and happening entertainment venues, eateries, bars and pubs. There are far too many places to mention here but a few we would recommend checking out would be Iron Fairies, Clouds, Fat Gutz, Funky Villa, Shades of Retro and The Witches Tavern.
For anyone wanting to find out more about moving to or living in this area; whether you will be renting or investing in buying a condo, serviced apartment, house, villa or any other time of real estate then contact the experts at BTS Property Group.


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