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Bangkok Real Estate | Investment Posibilites in Bangkok

Bangkok Real Estate

In the last few years the prices of Bangkok Real Estate are getting up rapidly, still there are options available for even the smallest budgets around. There is of course the rule, how closer you wanna live towards the CBD how more it’s going to cost. Some of the new upcoming area’s as Bearing (The Gallery Condo) are however great investments for the lower budgets. Projects that are closer to the BTS (Sky Train) and MRT (Metro) stations and the CBD are more expensive.

Please see below 10 tips BTS Property Group has provided to figure out the Bangkok Real Estate market in easy steps.

  1. The areas which attract the most foreign investors are areas such as Sukhumvit. Lumphini and Sathorn are following not far behind as it is considered more as the upcoming business area. The most exclusive condominiums you can find back in these areas. Rama 9 is also considered as a great new area, Projects such as Belle Grand Rama 9 and Lumphini Place Rama 9 are key developments who are attracting many foreign investors. The area is rapidly improving and there are even plans to launch the tallest building of asia there.
  2. BTS Property Group also assists a lot of families who are looking to invest in Bangkok Real Estate that will get them close to the CBD. Most of them are looking to live in either high-end housing projects as opposing the more attentive condominium market. There are two key features which are attracting them, first they want to live close to international schools such as the International School of Bangkok and there is also a smaller group who would like to live nearby the Bangkok Pattana School.
  3. We see that some of the interest from our investors is moving towards the up-and-coming riverside market. The river side houses some of the finest hotels present in Bangkok, hereby you can think of The Mandarin Oriental, The Peninsula and the Shangri-La Hotel. Also most projects are offering stunning views over the River and more towards Bangkok CBD. Currently there is limited demand from the expat society, and that is mostly because of the transportation, the traffic jams are considered some of the worst in Bangkok. The prices in the area are rising fast as more and more luxurious projects are being completed such as “The River” from “Raimond Land“. Those prices can be found back around 200,000 THB per Sq.m.
  4. Most investors are looking towards the High-End market of Bangkok. This of course because most people believe in “Prime Location”  The upper expatriates from Bangkok are given housing allowance from about 70,000 0 100,000 THB. This can be considered as the high-end projects of Bangkok.
  5. One of the key investment strategies in Bangkok are based on the transportation problems bangkok offers, therefor most Investors are looking to invest nearby the public transportation such as the BTS (Sky Train) or the MRT (Metro).
  6. Also the middle class condominiums developments are improving rapidly. Many well designed units are being offered which can be considered of the same kind of quality and standards as the Singaporean and Hong-Kong market. Many wester influence are being brought into the Kingdom of Thailand by attracting and employing many architects from overseas, they are thinking more outside of “The Box”, bringing more modern designs and paying more attention towards details –  this is one of the key figures why to invest in Bangkok Real Estate.
  7. Housing villages in the outskirts of Bangkok are being build in a very fast tempo which is increasing the population of Bangkok even more. The Villages are being rested out with Western standards such as swimming pools, club houses and gym’s. The emerging Thai middle class is mostly intrigued by this kind of Bangkok Real Estate Investments.
  8. Measured over the next three years, we at BTS Property Group think that the amount of new supply will be significant. With an average of around 7,000 units per year, it can be considered reasonable high if you compare it towards a few years back. This is resulting in a healthy and mature market.
  9. The most common units in Bangkok can be found back in the middle segment, mostly consisting out of 1 and 2 bedroom condominiums.
  10. Some of the lower end segment investors are focussing on some of the extensions of both the BTS and MRT lines. They are gambling on a higher demand from the outskirts of Bangkok towards the CBD.

Fore more information regarding Bangkok Real Estate Investments, please contact us at any time.

bangkok real estate

bangkok real estate


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