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Rental Returns

Another investment strategy commonly used by investors is the Rental Returns strategy. Indeed, Buyers purchase one or several units to rent out in order to get a steady long-term income. Bangkok and Pattaya enjoy a solid demand regarding condos for rent and tourists visiting the Kingdom grow at an impressive rate each year. Therefore, purchasing condos here in Thailand is a rewarding investment that can provide you with a secure income over the years.

In Bangkok, rental yield (rental returns) usually ranges from 5.25% to 6.6% in average. Smaller units (35sqm up to 50sqm) usually earn rental yield of 6.6% while the biggest ones (350sqm+) earn about 5.25% yield annually as shown on the table below:


rental returns

rental returns

Source: Global Property Guide

These figures only concern condominiums located in the busiest and most demanded areas of BangkokSukhumvit, Silom, Sathorn, and Lumpini. Yields on larger condominiums tend to increase substantially over the years, therefore reducing the gap with smaller units that still remain the most profitable.

In Pattaya, rental yields range from 5% to over 10% in some cases depending on project condominium’s location and unit size mainly. Investing in Pattaya could definitely be rewarding as well, considering the growing number of tourists visiting the city each year.

We at BTS Property Group provide investors looking for rental income with condominiums guaranteeing high yields over the years as well as condos in attractive prime areas that will be convenient to rent out. In fact, we can offer you projects guaranteeing 5% to 10% rental yield over 3 to 5 years that ensures you a high and stable income for the long-term.

This rental returns strategy perfectly matches risk-averse investors (people willing to retire for example), although we would definitely recommend you to combine it with a Resale/Flipping strategy as well. Indeed, purchasing a unit guaranteeing rental yield for 5 years and another one to flip it on the market for a high profit in the short-term would allow you to reduce risk while enjoying higher returns.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on rental returns. Our multicultural team can speak English, Thai, French, Dutch and German and would be glad to help you find the right investment.


rental returns

rental returns

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