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Why Properties Buyers Should Not Lose Focus On Thailand

Posted by admin on October 20, 2014

Ever since protests started a few weeks ago in the Kingdom, investors have shown apprehension towards buying property in Bangkok and this situation is not likely to change in the near future-at least from an overseas perspective.


Indeed Thailand has been recently elected among the top ten most-searched countries worldwide in Bangkok condos portals and although the protests have been largely violent-free so far, the country may not keep his status in the following months unfortunately.


BTS Property Group is cooperating with several Singaporean investors and it appears the country advises its citizens to be careful towards investing in the Kingdom for two weeks already. Some of our clients mentioned their fear and confirm the general opinion in the city was not positive as of now.


In fact, a lot of investors expect Bangkok condo for sale prices to drop during the political instability but it is not certain to happen for the following reasons: actually, there was no decrease at all in Bangkok property prices during 2008 and 2010 riots in Bangkok. Instead, prices rose substantially. Basically, the explanation is pretty simple and could be exposed as follows: Thai buyers, who count for about 90% of the whole market, will continue to buy as they are used to this unstable political situation in the Kingdom.


From a local point of view, these protests are not so much of a big deal. In fact, Thailand has known an incredible number of coups and state of emergencies and the current riots in the city are just another illustration of how Thai people do things. With prices that remain attractive as compared to other major cities in Asia, Bangkok Real Estate still deserves huge attention from property investors who shall come back in force when the calm returns.



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