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Fragrant Group Sales To Grow As Political Turmoil Continues

Posted by admin on May 28, 2014

Despite of the current political turmoil, developer Fragrant Group affirmed its sales are

healthy principally since they have been boosted by the baht’s weakness.

Indeed the firm’s performance has not been affected so far since Fragrant is mainly

dealing with foreign customers who were able to take advantage of lower prices in

Bangkok real estate due to the baht depreciation.

”Many parties think that the prolonged political stalemate and the state of emergency

will alarm foreigners, or that violence will escalate so that foreigners will postpone

investments or take their funds out of Thailand,” said Mr James Duan, CEO. And he

added: “We have seen the opposite effect, thanks to the steadily weakening baht that has

made purchasing decisions easier for some customers. Sales from foreign investors have

bolstered and stabilised the company’s overall sales.”

The property developer has been in the Bangkok Real Estate industry since 2003.

Today it owns several Bangkok condo projects including Fragrant 71 (Sukhumvit

71), The Prime 11 (Sukhumvit 11), Circle 1 (Petchaburi Road) and is developing new

condominiums like Circle 2 (Petchaburi Road), Circle Sukhumvit 11 or even Circle S

Sukhumvit 12. Moreover, a brand new project will be launched in the upcoming months

named Circle 31 (Sukhumvit 31).

What could mainly explain the company’s success is the eco-friendly aspect of their

projects. In fact, it is rare to find such green property in Bangkok and Fragrant’s

Bangkok condos happen to be the right solution to the problem.

Regarding that matter, Mr Duan explained: “Common areas in Circle 2 use boast energy-
saving LED bulbs that only consume 10% of the energy of regular ones. They feature

a useful life of 70,000 to 100,000 hours, compared to regular bulbs that only last 700

to 1,000 hours. It is the first condo in Thailand to use double-glazed windows that can

eliminate noise and deflect heat and ultraviolet rays. It is able to produce up to 40 KW of

electricity per square metre each year, including the use of an air-conditioning system

that directs the heat generated from units towards making hot water for residents.”

Fragrant Group marketing is not only focused on quality and building features as usual,

the firm goes beyond and provides its residents and investors with valuable benefits for

the future.

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